Karen Maylia

Karen sent this from Cyprus! She is a great inspiration of the power Dharma gives us in the transformation of any conditions. And as we know she feeds all the poor cats there. They’ll be devastated when Karen comes back home.

Thank you Karen


Hello my name is Karen I am 56yrs old and live in Newcastle upon Tyne although I am currently in Cyprus due to the lock down arrangements regarding Covid-19.
I am a Retired Registered Nurse and live with my Partner Nic who is from Greece. I have been meditating for 7 years and work as a classroom assistant and help with day courses and various events that we hold at the Compassion Centre which I enjoy immensely.

Corona Retreat

The story so far :heart:

Through the wonders of technology and many very beautiful minds I have never felt more connected to so many of our sangha family. Although I am far away from familiar places and faces feeling connected to everyone during our beautiful retreat has become an anchor and a place of refuge during these strange and sometimes challenging times. Sometimes it is necessary to pause and reevaluate who we are and where we are going, our retreat has allowed us to do so. It has been good to rewind and really examine deeply our beautiful lamrim meditations and receive these precious teachings. It is wonderful to be in our position to spend more time meditating and reviewing my practice. At a time when one could have easily given up and gone to dark places we are so fortunate to be reminded that we have a choice and can change our perspective. The retreat has enabled me to have a structure and purpose to my day when we may easily have chosen just to flail around and waste this precious opportunity.

We are also reminded of the emense suffering around us and the struggles many living beings are facing without choice, this helps to develop our renunciation and remember that this present situation is why we need to practice dharma now and train our mind. I can now understand more clearly that Buddha did. did indeed see all the suffering in the world and as I review all his beautiful teachings it is so obvious to me that every teaching is infact this present situation unfolding before us.

Having our Guru at our heart allows me to have no fear and have strength to deal with every situation as it presents itself in the present moment. For someone who does often think about the past and projects to the future I am constantly reminded that being in the present moment is infact the only moment we actually have. I have noticed that I have a clearer and more spacious mind which has greatly helped to deal with situations as they arise and not be concerned about things or situations that haven’t or may never arise. Connecting with the Sangha, the beautiful teachings and meditations, spending more time in dharma is allowing me to enjoy extended moments of peace.

I pray that all living beings will be released from their suffering and happiness and joy be fulfilled.Thank you for all you do and to our kind sangha for supporting you in your wonderful quest.

Wishing Love
Karen :heart::pray: