Intelligent enquiring

I got this enquiry on slack.

I didn’t want to reply to the person who sent it because sometime the enquiring person will actually get much better insight through continuing to explore their own question.

I share it here anonymously with you to have a ponder. Don’t try to find the “right “ answer. But let this mature in your mind and see what comes. Answers you have today may change in a years time.


Morning great session. Everything changes and is imperminent why do some deluded thoughts the ones that stay with you, repeat on a loop and last for years not change? I get that its Karmic imprints but karmic imprints influence everything so why those more than others?x

Then came another one about 10 minutes later (obviously they’ve been doing some tinking 🙃)

Another quick thought why do delusions often formed in an immature mind not disapate as the mind matures and gains greater knowledge and understanding but stubbornly persist?x

What great questions.

Thanks for asking.